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Thank you to the National Wildlife Federation and also to Amanda for allowing me to review the iPad apps. My four year old thinks they rock!

National Wildlife Federation’s naturalist and animal expert David Mizejewski says “find reasons to celebrate [animals]– use annual occasions to learn about and honor a particular species.”

Here are three ways Mizejewski says we can incorporate animals into learning.

Ranger Rick's Tree House

3 Ways to Teach Kids About Animals All Year Long

1. Test Their Knowledge on Animals

Help your kids become animal aficionados with fun trivia facts. Turn dinner table conversation or a long car ride into an opportunity to quiz budding naturalists on their favorite creatures. Lion lovers, for instance, will get a kick out of knowing that the big cats snooze up to 20 hours per day and can’t roar until the age of two!

 2. Take to Tech to Learn About Animals

Download the NWF’s new educational iPad apps for unlimited animal adventures. The ad-free apps, Ranger Rick Jr. – Appventures and Ranger Rick’s Tree House, teach kids ages 4-7 and 7-12 respectively, about nature through interactive stories, videos, games, jokes, puzzles, pictures and more.

3. Adopt an Animal

Educate children on endangered wildlife and the importance of preserving the environment and its inhabitants by “adopting” an animal in peril. A great way to introduce little ones to charitable giving, they’ll love receiving information and pictures of “their” critter via snail mail.

Learn more about NWF’s animal adoption program

Reviewing Ranger Rick’s Educational iPad Apps

Ranger Rick Jr. – Appventures

Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures is an iPad app for children ages 4-12. It gives kids three different creative ways to learn about animals–play (games), explore (explore the animals), create (create your own story, etc.). There are interactive games, puzzles, music, creating your own animals out of different animal parts and so much more.

There are also virtual stickers for completing different things that my four year old just loves.

One of my favorite parts is the “create your own story” where you pick words from a vocabulary list (think MadLibs) and then it inserts them into a funny story for you.

I did, however, find a couple of things that I wished were different, or that were glitchy. Since the app is geared toward younger kids, I wish that it read the vocabulary lists to you. Also, on the create your own story part, it gives you the option of “read to me” but we could never get it to work.

All in all? Well worth the $3.99 download price.

Ranger Rick’s Tree House

The Ranger Rick’s Tree House “app” is unusual because it’s really a magazine. The app download is free, but then you purchase a subscription or single issues of the Ranger Rick Magazine.

Each Ranger Rick magazine focuses on different animals, so kids get the ability to review them in detail through different games, puzzles, comics, readings, videos and more. It’s pretty cool because it’s like a live app in the middle of a magazine–you can “turn” the virtual pages, but also play games within the magazine. One of my 4 year old’s favorite parts was the jokes that you could access about the different animals.

This app is geared toward 7-12 year old’s, so there is a lot of reading on your own. I wish they would’ve give the option of “read to me” on this one because my 4 year old enjoyed it, too. Also, another glitchy note, we couldn’t get the app to engage until we rebooted our iPad, so keep that in mind.

We received the “Ranger Rick Treehouse” single issue to review ($4.99), but I’m considering purchasing the annual subscription ($19.99) because it’s such a cool addition to our homeschool curriculum and a great interactive way to learn about animals!

Giveaway: Ranger Rick’s Educational iPad Apps

Little Cooks Reading Books has partnered up with NWF to give away these awesome apps. What do you need to do? Follow these steps:

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