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Each year we have a Christmas cookie decorating party and it’s a blast. We’ve been doing it for something like 13 (maybe more) years now. We have stations set up where people can decorate cookies, make crafts, and eat. This year, I decided to add an additional craft station where families could make a “Wish” Ornament–where each family gathered their own family members and everyone told one (or more) goal or “wish” for the new year. They write each goal/wish on a slip of paper, fold it and place it in the ornament. Next year at Christmas, the family opens the ornament, reads the wishes and then repeats the process. We even made one with funny quotes from the cookie party and I cannot wait to open that one next year!

You don’t have to stick with wishes or goals for next year. Instead, maybe your family will choose to add memories from the current year. You could even buy enough ornaments for each person to do their own personal one. This is such a simple (and cheap) family tradition you can start this year!


How to Make a Christmas Ornament

DIY Family Memory Christmas Ornament

You’ll Need:

  • Clear Plastic Fillable Ornament
  • Red, white and green craft paper, cut into 2-inch high slips
  • Small bells, confetti or other decorative holiday items to add inside the ornament
  • Decorative ribbon


1. Have each member of the family write down their wish, goal or memory on the red and green slips of paper. Let them write as many as they want. Also, the younger kids can draw a picture if they want.

2. Fold each slip of paper (don’t read them!) and put them inside the ornament. Add decorative items like curled ribbon, bells or confetti.

3. Snap the ornament shut and secure with a ribbon. Then, hang it on the tree!

Next year, open the ornament and enjoy the memories or see what goals were met or what wishes came true!

Do you have a family ornament tradition? Share it in the comments or feel free to head over to our Facebook page and share a photo! We’d love to see it!

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