Biodegradable Plant Pots


Planting is a fun way to teach kids about gardening and where our food comes from. Also, it’s a great opportunity to discuss the importance of creating plants for birds and insects in order to keep the cycle of plants and animals going. Honestly? The learning possibilities with gardening and planting are endless!

A couple of years ago, we wanted to create a biodegradable pot that we could just plant right into the ground or into the bigger planters after the seedlings grew big enough. We saw this biodegradable planter and had a lot of fun making it. (Plus, it’s super easy!)

One of the great things about it is that you don’t have to be a gardener or have a spot for a garden. These little pots can be planted right in the ground or in a planter that you keep inside or on the balcony. We even made extras to give away to friends.

How to Make Recycled Planter Pots — Perfect for Earth Day!

To make biodegradable planter pots, you’ll need:

Brown paper grocery bags (recyclable)

Empty water or soft drink bottle

Potting soil

Seeds or seedlings from plants or flowers of choice


  1. Cut a strip of the bag (about 6-8 inches high).
  2. Fold the strip of the bag in half (lengthwise).
  3. Roll the strip of bag around the bottom of a soft drink or water bottle, leaving some bag overhanging at the bottom (this is what we will fold up to make the bottom of the pot).
  4. Fold the edges of the bottom of “pot” (the bag you rolled) to make a bottom.
  5. Work off of the soft drink or water bottle and make sure the bottom is folded to form the pot.
  6. Fill with soil and a seed, seedling or plant.

Video Directions:

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