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Since it’s fall and almost Johnny Appleseed’s birthday, we decided to do a learning unit on apples. We started the unit by doing a K-W-L. This is a list for “What We Know” (the “K”), “What We Wonder” (the “W”) and “What We Learned” (the “L”).

Before reading any books or discussing anything, we completed the “What We Know” about apples. My daughter came up with some great points on her own. She is in first grade, so it took a little time for her to write out the points (Patience! Patience! LOL!) but it was good practice for her. She came up with things like “They have stems” and “they grow on trees.”

Next, we moved on to the “W” part of KWL. She had a little more trouble with what she wondered about apples, so I had a discussion with her and came up with some points of my own. This jarred her memory and then she was able to come up with a few more. (More writing. More patience.) We’ll complete the “L” at the end of the learning unit to complete what we’ve learned.

After, we read The Kurious Kid Presents Apples: About Apples, An Awesome Amazing Super Spectacular Fact & Photo book on Apples for Kids on our Kindle and discussed points from there. (PS? We LOVE using the Kindle for homeschool. And, the books are super cheap! This Kurious Kid Apple book was only 99 cents! They even have a Kindle Fire for Kids now!)

Get the Free Apple KWL Printable

If you need an apple KWL printable, feel free to download the one we used!

KWL Apples Template


Good for the Apples Learning Unit


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