Thanksgiving Word Search


We use word searches a lot in our homeschooling. Not only are they fun, but they are a great way to practice reading and spelling, too. So, I make word searches on various topics as we work our way through learning modules.

Another great thing to do with word searches is to use them to as an addition to your Thanksgiving games for the kiddie table. If a child can identify ABCs, they can usually do a word search (even if they can’t read). Enjoy this free printable worksheet–print some out and spread them around the kids’ area for Thanksgiving. You can even make a little competition by offering a little gift to the kid who finishes first.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Word Search

[click the image to download. Word search will open in a new window]

[CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] Free Thanksgiving Word Search Printable

Or, CLICK HERE for the free download.

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Jacqueline Wilson is Ella's mom and a homeschooler. She loves cooking and creating with her daughter. She is the co-author of 50 Shades of Frayed: Three Moms Talk About What Happens When "I Do" Becomes "Not Tonight". You can follow her on her personal Twitter account, WritRams and on Facebook as WritRams and Little Cooks Reading Books.


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