Pumpkin Life Cycle Study Unit


We recently studied the life cycle of a pumpkin. Fall, especially around Halloween, is a great time to study pumpkins because you can do so many hands on activities to go with it — head out to the pumpkin patch, roast pumpkin seeds, make pumpkin cookies or pumpkin cake pops and so much more. (Not to mention all the fantastic kids books out there about pumpkins!) And, don’t be afraid to carry the study unit into Thanksgiving so that you can take advantage of all the pumpkin-filled goodness for that holiday, too!

For our study unit, we found this awesome pumpkin song about the pumpkin lifecycle, then we completed this great FREE pumpkin lifecycle worksheet. We are also going to make those fabulous pumpkin cookies. (Seriously, THE BEST pumpkin cookies I’ve ever had. For real!)

Pumpkin Life Cycle

Pumpkin Life Cycle Song and Video

FREE Pumpkin Life Cycle Worksheet Printable

We found this free pumpkin life cycle worksheet and Ella loved it. The kiddos can get artsy with coloring and decorating it, and then they can label the life cycle of a pumpkin. Be sure to watch the video (above) first. It’s a really great pairing with this worksheet!

Pumpkin Life Cycle Worksheet


Pumpkin Books for this Study Unit

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