Peanuts Movie Books


Peanuts Movie Books

Whenever a new kid or family movie comes out, I like to pick up the book (or a couple of the books if it’s a series) on the new movie for homeschool studies. I find that if my kid likes a movie, then it piques her interest for reading the book. This is a GREAT way to kid your kids to read more if they don’t really enjoy reading — just pick a movie that they’re interested in and then buy the book from that movie. (It works equally well for video games. Many popular video games, like Minecraft, have a book series, too!)

There are so many great Charlie Brown and Peanuts items out there already. So with the new Peanuts Movie, I was excited to see what kind of books we could find to read during school after we saw the movie!

Books for the Peanuts Movie

The Sky's the Limit, Snoopy (AFFILIATE)
1. The Sky’s the Limit, Snoopy! (Peanuts Movie)

In The Sky’s the Limit, Snoopy! , everyone’s lovable Flying Ace (Snoopy) wants to go to school just like Charlie Brown. When he realizes that he can’t, he tries to sneak into school. Snoopy then goes on an imaginative adventure as the World’s Greatest Writer and the Flying Ace. In the end, Snoopy ends up — what else? — helping out Charlie Brown!

The book also comes with a double-sided poster.

Ages 5-7 yearsA Friend, Indeed (Peanuts Movie) (AFFILIATE)

2. A Friend, Indeed (Peanuts Movie)

In A Friend, Indeed, Charlie Brown thinks everyone has friends except him. However, when Charlie Brown sees the Little Red Haired girl, he wants to be friends with her. How will he do it? (We won’t ruin it for you!)

Ages 3-7 years

Charlie Brown Is Not a Quitter! (Peanuts Movie) (AFFILIATE)3. Charlie Brown Is Not a Quitter! (Peanuts Movie)

In Charlie Brown Is Not a Quitter! (Peanuts Movie), Charlie Brown is not going to quit this time — especially now that the Little Red Haired Girl has moved in next door! This time, Charlie Brown is going to perform in the school talent show, even though he can’t dance! When he humiliates himself (poor Charlie!) will he quit, or will he keep going?

Ages 5-7 years

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Snoopy and Friends (The Peanuts Movie) (Little Golden Book) (AFFILIATE)

4. Snoopy and Friends (The Peanuts Movie) (Little Golden Book)

Who doesn’t love a Little Golden Book? In Snoopy and Friends (The Peanuts Movie), your little one will be introduced to all the Peanuts gang!

Ages 4-6 years

Peanuts Movie Novelization (AFFILIATE)
5. Peanuts Movie Novelization

This is the actual movie, just in novel form!

From the book:

“There’s a new kid in town, and she’s a smart, kind, beautiful Little Red-Haired Girl. And—good grief!—Charlie Brown finds himself instantly with a crush on her. Will he be able to impress her?

Meanwhile, Snoopy is heading out on a fantastical flight of the imagination as the Flying Ace! While on his adventure, Snoopy falls head over heels for Fifi, a spunky, high-flying poodle, in the skies over Paris. But when the dastardly Red Baron captures Fifi, it’s up to Snoopy and Woodstock to take down the Red Baron once and for all!”

Ages 8-12 years

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