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A few days ago I was talking to another mom about our love-hate relationship with gift cards. I’m not going to lie, I love a good Amazon gift card or a gift card to a favorite local shop. However, there is something lacking about them — they’re impersonal, they take no thought and it almost feels like taking the easy way out. And that’s the part that I was discussing with my friend about Christmas and Hanukkah gifts when we came to this conclusion — we love the convenience of gift cards, but we hate how they seemed so impersonal.

So, this year, I’m trying to come up with some homemade Christmas gifts that we can make and my seven year old can give to people who will really appreciate them (grandparents, her friends, etc.). If you would like to do some DIY for the holidays or need christmas gift ideas, check out these awesome homemade presents!

EASY Homemade Christmas Gifts

8 EASY Homemade Christmas Gifts

1. Collection Ornaments

diy christmas gifts ornaments

clear glass ornaments with removable tops (AFFILIATE)
This is something we’ve been doing for a while now because our kid is a “collector” — she picks up rocks, shells, leaves, sticks … and whatever else she thinks is cool when we’re hiking or walking or on vacation. It took me a long time to figure out what to do with that stuff (because she catalogs it all in her mind so throwing it away wasn’t an option). One year, I picked up some clear glass ornaments with removable tops and voila! Problem solved. Not only do we have somewhere to put those “collections,” but we also have stories for each one as we hang them on the tree!

If you have some things that you shared (they can even be memories written on paper), then these make great gifts for others!

Learn how to make collection ornaments

2. Mitten Monsters

Mitten Monsters Craft

fabric glue (AFFILIATE)This is one of our all time favorite recent crafts. We took those stretchable kid gloves, craft filling, and some decorating items like buttons and bows and made “mitten monsters.” The great thing is that you only need to know a basic sewing stitch. (That’s the only sewing I can do and I taught my seven year old the basic stitch in two minutes.)

 If you can’t sew, don’t worry. I do many “sewing” projects using this awesome fabric glue! It will work just fine on this project, too.

My daughter made some for her little friends and they LOVED them, so they make great gifts.

Learn how to make Mitten Monsters

3. ‘Night Before Christmas’ Ornament

Not a Creature Stirring Mouse Craft
This is a cute little “Not a Creature Was Stirring Craft” because you can pair it up as a project Twas the Night Before Christmas (AFFILIATE)after reading The Night Before Christmas, or it’s equally as good for a class or group of kids at a party.

The craft is easy to make and is a cute tree ornament or even a gift tag for a present! It is also a good gift for grandparents, teachers and others.

Learn how to make the ‘Night Before Christmas’ ornament

4. Easy DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Craft

If you have a nature lover in the family, then these make great gifts. They’re really pretty and we had a lot of fun making them.

Backyard Birds Book (AFFILIATE)
If you’re making them for gifts, you may want to wait until the day before and then let them dry before you wrap them in wax paper.

You could also pair up your DIY gift with an awesome bird watching book and you’ll make that nature lover really happy. (I happen to think this would be a great early present for a teacher for a classroom project.)

Learn how to make an easy DIY bird feeder

5. Hand Flower Painting

Hand Flowers by Little Cooks Reading Books

We made this for grandma for Mother’s Day one year, but I happen to think it makes a great
gift for moms, dads, aunts, grandmas or grandpas for the holidays. It’s a pretty craft, but you get your child’s handprint on it to have a forever memory of their size at that age plus the cute poem that goes along with it about the child growing.

Be sure to add an awesome frame to make it a beautiful gift!

Learn how to make the Hand Flower Painting

6. Hand Warmer Hearts

Homemade DIY Craft: Hand Warmer Hearts

I love these hand warmer hearts as gifts because they are great for all ages (and take just simple sewing stitches).

Also, they make great gifts to deliver to a homeless shelter or for kids in need!

Learn how to make hand warmer hearts

7. Glitter Ornaments

Glitter Ornaments

This is another great gift because people hang them on the tree and then put them away for the rest of the year, so you’re not adding to the clutter in the house. (I’m all for gifts that don’t add to our mess!)

You can even add the year and a personalized message with a glitter glue pen if you want to get really fun and fancy!

Learn how to make glitter ornaments

8. Jar Cakes

Homemade Jar Cakes

It wouldn’t be the holidays if something wasn’t baking, right? These cute jar cakes are so easy that you will wonder why you haven’t been making them as gifts every year. And, it’s easy to make a bunch at once, so you’ll have enough for neighbors, Sunday school teachers and friends.

Just wrap a festive ribbon around it with a spoon or fork tied on and you’ll be everyone’s favorite gift giver!


Need more? Check out five more super quick and easy crafts for holiday gifts.

Do you have a favorite DIY or homemade holiday craft? Leave it in the comments so we can try it out!


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