7 Gifts That Homeschoolers Will Love


Do you know homeschooling families and families where the parents act as teachers? If you get these families birthday gifts or presents for the holidays, we have some recommendations for you!

If you don’t have a classroom set up in your home or if you don’t teach your kids at home, then it’s easy to forget that homeschoolers have to buy everything — textbooks books, paper, pens, crayons, paper, craft items and more. If you’re not careful, it really can be a costly undertaking. So, the next time you need to buy a homeschooling family gifts, consider one of the following.

Homeschool Gift Ideas


Homeschool Present #1: Fun School Supplies

get crazy pens (AFFILIATE)
Just like any schooling parent, we need school supplies. However, we don’t have to follow public school guidelines and use the plain folders and pencils, so feel free to gift up some fun school supplies like crazy pens, some Yoobis or a mega supplies kit with a little of everything.

One of the favorite school supplies that we were gifted was an art paper roll on a dispenser. Someone got this for us about three years ago. We use it all the time and we still haven’t run out! And, it’s perfect for all ages because it can be used for art, crafts and lessons. When the paper finally runs out, the homeschoolers can easily buy another roll for the dispenser.

Homeschool Present #2: Art Sets and Books

art set (AFFILIATE) Homeschoolers love to encourage kids to exercise their creative sides and we will pair a project up with almost any topic. So, you can never go wrong with getting homeschoolers really nice art sets. Were not talking a random crayon pack (we have enough of those), we’re talking a complete art set with a case that can be stored neatly out of the way when not in use. (Storage is a big deal for most homeschoolers.)The Art Book for Children (AFFILIATE)

Also, one of the best things about homeschooling is that we can set our own curricula. So, throw in some interesting art book for kids and maybe book about artists and you’ll have an interesting and useful gift for home learning!

Homeschool Present #3: Science Stuff

science kits (AFFILIATE) Isn’t science fun? We think so, too! ANY science stuff that you gift a homeschooler will be greatly appreciated because we love hands-on learning (see above). If you need recommendations, think science kits, chemistry labs, microscopes and other things along those lines. (You really can’t go wrong with any of those.) Also, don’t forget about science books!


Homeschool Present #4: Geography Resourcesget a globe (AFFILIATE)

Like science resources, geography resources are something that homeschoolers can use also. Good geography gifts for the homeschool classroom include globe, wall maps and and wall map stickers, and geography games.

Homeschool Present #5: Printer Paper and Ink

OK, don’t think I’m crazy, but printer paper and printer ink may not seem like fun gifts, but they will be greatly appreciated by your homeschoolers! (Trust me!) We go through A LOT of printer paper and ink! So, ask your homeschooler what kind of printer they have and then package up some ink and a few packs of printer paper and watch the light in the parents’ eyes when they open it!

Homeschool Present #6: Memberships or Subscriptions

Another homeschooling family we know does this and I thought it was the greatest idea — in lieu of Christmas or birthday gifts, they ask friends and family members to donate to their membership or subscription fund.

If you have memberships to local museums (or zoos or whatever), you know how expensive they can be. So, offer to contribute to the “museum” fund, or even give them a subscription to a learning magazine or monthly craft crate.

Homeschool Present #7: Technology

Kindle Fire for Kids (AFFILIATE)
OK, this one is a biggie–technology. If you really want to wow your homeschooling family, consider adding some additional technology to their classroom. (Just like in “regular” schools, we also use tech stuff in homeschool!)

Our favorites include an iPad, Kindle Fire and laptop. If you don’t want to go for big ticket items like those, gift them an Amazon gift card with a note to use it for a learning game or books for their Kindle.

Are you a homeschooler? What would you add to our list? Leave it in the comments!


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