Mitten Monsters Craft


SewingMy daughter (7) is obsessed with sewing. Correction: she is obsessed with learning to sew. Although I can sew a button on or close a hole, I am not a sewing kind of person. However, I decided to teach her the basic sewing line while making this craft and she loves it! (You can also use the cheater Fabric Glue like I use a lot during sewing crafts.)

For a sewing project, we recently made these super cute mitten monsters for Halloween. (We like to call ours Monstas.)

(OK, Ok, we know that they’re really gloves, but mitten monsters sounds cooler than glove monsters, right?)

Not only is this a great Halloween craft for kids, but it’s good for any time of the year for little ones who love monsters. My kid has carried one of her mitten monsters around everywhere since we made them! She even made a couple of extras for her friends, so they make pretty cool gifts.

It was a great upcycling craft because we always seem to end up with several one lone glove at then end of every winter season. I just threw them into a craft bin, not knowing what to do with them until I saw some people on Pinterest making these cute monsters from cloth gloves.

We even used an old pair of toe socks for one of our Monstas (it didn’t have arms, but we used the “toes” as hair).

How to Make Mitten Monsters

Mitten Monsters Craft

You’ll Need:

Cloth gloves in different patterns/colors (you can also find them at local stores for $1/pair)

Craft Filling

Fabric Glue (optional)

Sewing needle


Felt — assorted colors (for mouth/eyes/decorating)

Buttons (assorted colors and sizes)

Ribbons for decorating (optional)


  1. Turn the gloves inside out and sew a line to close off the thumb opening. (You only want four finger areas — two will be the “arms” and two will be the “legs.”)
  2. Sew across the top opening of the glove (where your hand goes), but leave a small section (to put the filling/stuffing). Carefully turn the glove right side out through the small opening.
  3. Stuff the glove with Craft Filling, be sure to stuff the finger areas full.  (I pull the finger areas that are supposed to be the arms up during this part to help them stand up as arms a little more.)
  4. Sew the small opening (at the hand area) shut.
  5. Cut mouths out of felt and glue or sew onto the glove for the face. (The “fingers” of the glove will point down because two will be arms and two will be legs.)
  6. Glue or sew on buttons for the eyes.
  7. Decorate with ribbons, if wanted.

NOTE: We used Fabric Glue for the eyes and mouth instead of sewing. It was a lot faster and just as effective.

If you make Mitten Monstas, head over to our Facebook page and leave a photo of them. We’d love to share!

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