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Desserts Tie Dye Camouflage Cake

I always wondered how people got those amazing cakes with different colors and swirls and tie-dyes on the inside. I just assumed that it was…

Books Chinese Potstickers

We love Chinese food at our house. It seems like since we moved away from the D.C. metro area years ago, we haven’t been able…

Books Peanut Brittle Recipe

Did you know that there is a national peanut butter day in January? (And, there’s a national peanut day later in the year in September!)…

Books How to make rice krispie treats

Do you make football a family event? Even if your kids aren’t that interested in sports or football, it’s still fun to create a football…


Have you ever made homemade hot chocolate with your family? We’ve all gotten so accustomed to the convenience of those little packs that many no…

Christmas Frosty the Snowman Cheeseball

This Snowman Cheese Ball is always such a hit at our Christmas parties. However, this would make a great homeschool or school “cooking” project to pair…

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