About Little Cooks Reading Books

About Little Cooks Reading Books

Little cook and reader, EllaA Mom & Her Daughter Reading, Cooking & Learning

I’m Jackie, also known as Ella’s mom. We created this website as a way to share the things that weJackie and Ella cook and craft.

Ella, my daughter, has always shown a love for cooking. From a very young age, she has asked to help cook … and I’ve let her. (Yes, with some very close supervision.) She even watches cooking shows like Top Chef (Top Shep to her when she was little) and Chopped! (YAY for us! It gives us a break from those pesky kid shows. LOL) Since we homeschool, we often pair up recipes with books or topics that we are learning about, so we decided to share them with others.

That’s how this website was created. We hope you enjoy! We’d love to hear from you!

Ella making eggs at almost 2 years old

The earliest memory I have of Ella cooking is helping me make eggs at the age of two. (!)

I call her my little foodie because not only does she love to cook, but she’s also up for trying anything! She says, Almost everything is part of my favorite foods, but I love sushi and homemade juice popsicles. One of my favorite things we’ve made is our Groundhog’s Day groundhog and spaghetti in a bun.

Ella is now seven.

How Our Love of Cooking Started

Easy DIY Bird Feeder Craft StepsMy parents are from farm families in southern Virginia, so I grew up at family functions centered around fantastic flavors of comfort food. I never took that big of an interest in cooking growing up, but food and cooking was always an important part of our lives and gatherings. It wasn’t until I moved out on my own that I really started enjoying the ability to create through cooking.

I’ve been blogging since 2005.

In addition to cooking, we also do a lot of crafts with our homeschool lessons and studies (and just for fun!). And, we love to share them here! So, be sure to check them out under Crafts and Homeschooling sections.