Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (AFFILIATE)
I always loved watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving as a child. And, I think it’s even more fun when you get to introduce your kids to the cartoons that you loved during childhood and watch them develop a fondness for them also.

For some reason, I loved the part where they made the popcorn in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and it’s one of those things that stuck with me. (Remember Snoopy with his little chef’s hat and how mad Peppermint Patty got when she realized that they weren’t having a real Thanksgiving meal?)  And then I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to watch the cartoon and eat the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving meal with my kid? (I mean, what kid doesn’t love to have treats for lunch?)

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Another fun thing to do is make this a kids’ activity if you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your house. After the meal and playtime, you can gather the kids around the TV and provide them with their own “Thanksgiving meal” treat while watching the cartoon.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

To make your own Charlie Brown Thanksgiving party you’ll need:

For each plate, put a slice of buttered toast, popcorn, a handful of jelly beans and pretzels.

After the cartoon, give the kids our Free Thanksgiving Word Search and award prizes for the first kid finished or the one who finds the most words. Check out these giveaway ideas: Ty Beanie Baby Charlie Brown or Charlie Brown and The Peanuts Bendable Figures Set. (Word searches are great for any kid who knows the alphabet. As long as they can recognize letters, they can do a word search … even if they can’t read!)

Then, enjoy adult conversations (for a change) while the kids are occupied!


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