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OK, this is one of my favorite book/cooking projects that we’ve done!

Despicable Me Book: My Dad the Super Villain (affiliate)We all love the “Despicable Me” movies at our house and, of course, the minions. So I was excited when I found the Despicable Me: My Dad the Super Villain reader that we could pair up with these awesome minion marshmallow pops.

The book is actually a super condensed version of the original movie. It’s 32 pages, but the graphics are colorful enough that I think even two or three year olds will be interested, especially if they’ve seen the movie.

Minion Marshmallow Pops from Despicable Me

‘Despicable Me’ Minion DIY Marshmallow Treat Pops

Minion Marshmallow Pops
Author: Jackie & Ella
  • 24 oz bag jumbo marshmallows
  • 14 oz bag [url href=”” target=”_blank”]Wilton Yellow Candy Melts[/url]
  • 14 oz bag [url href=”” target=”_blank”]Wilton Blue Candy Melts[/url], or White Melts with [url href=”” target=”_blank”]Blue Wilton Coloring[/url]
  • Black decorating gel
  • [url href=”″ target=”_blank”]Lollipop (cake pop) Sticks[/url], or Craft Sticks
  • [url href=”” target=”_blank”]Candy Eyes[/url]
  • Cooking Spray
  • Wax Paper
  1. In two separate crockpots or double boilers, melt the yellow chocolates in one and the white chocolates in the other.
  2. Place a piece of wax paper on your work area and spray lightly with cooking spray.
  3. Once the white chocolate is melted, add a drop of the blue candy coloring and stir. Continue to add drop by drop until you get the desired color. NOTE: Do NOT use regular food coloring. It doesn’t work well with the melted chocolate.
  4. Before covering with the candy melts, roll each marshmallow in your hand to reshape.
  5. With a butter knife or spoon, cover the top and the sides, 3/4 of the way down, with the yellow melts. Smooth the chocolate.
  6. Insert the stick into the top of the marshmallow, but do not punch through the bottom.
  7. Holding the stick, turn marshmallow over and ice the remaining part of the marshmallow (including the bottom) with the blue icing. Hold the marshmallow and let the chocolate set for a few seconds before moving on to the next step.
  8. Using the black gel, create a line near the top of the marshmallow for the glasses band. Place one or two eyes on the gel line, press lightly. Make a smile with the black gel.
  9. Place the marshmallows on the prepared wax paper and let stand until dry. Repeat until you’ve used all the chocolate.
If you have two of the [url href=”” target=”_blank”]small, lunch sized crockpots[/url], they are great for this project because you can keep the chocolate melted for the whole project without worrying about it getting hard.

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