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Sarah & Abraham: The Wonderful Promise (AFFILIATE) As part of our homeschool curriculum, we study Bible stories each day. As you can imagine, it takes some creativity to keep a kid interested in some of the Bible stories. For example, we came off of studying Noah’s Ark (which of course she loved) right into studying about Abraham and Sarah. So the story of God telling Abraham and Sarah to move to a new land and then blessed them with a baby paled in comparison to ALL.THOSE.ANIMALS. from the Ark. So, I knew I had to do something to get her interested. However, I looked around for a couple of days for a craft to make about Abraham and Sarah and didn’t find anything interesting. (My kid is so not into coloring sheets. Go figure.) So, I decided to create my own.


Craft and Printable: Abraham and Sarah Pack to Move

One of the things that did capture E’s interest was that Abraham and Sarah had to pack a camel to move. So, I decided to focus on that aspect. We made a camel that she was able to “pack” with some belongings.

We focused on the vocabulary word “trust” since Abraham and Sarah didn’t completely understand God’s direction, but had to trust Him in order to relocate and have a baby.

Abraham and Sarah Pack the Camel to Move Craft

Bible Craft: Abraham and Sarah’s Camel

You’ll Need:

  • White envelope (personal or square card size) with triangle flap (not rounded edge because the triangle flap will be the camels hump)
  • Crayons
  • Brown or yellow yarn
  • Abraham and Sarah Printables from Little Cooks Reading Books
  • Piece of white or colored construction paper

Directions for Kids:

1. Cut out the items from the printable.

2. Color the printable cut out items.

3. Paste the envelope onto the middle of the construction paper, with flap up and “pocket” opened toward you.

4. Color the envelope (this will be the camel’s body).

5. Color and glue the camel’s head onto the end of the envelope and the feet under the envelope.

6. Use the yarn for the camel’s tail.

Tell the story of Abraham and Sarah while allowing the child to “pack” the camel (put the printouts inside the camel envelope) with the cutouts.



Great with This Craft

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  1. Great job! I love your creativity with using the envelope as the camels body! What a great way to really get a little one involved in that Bible story. You really do have the hang of this homeschooling thing already!

  2. This is a great craft. We have smaller envelopes, so I redid some of the items to fit better. We’re using it for Messy Church!

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    • Sure Lindsey! Feel free to link back! I would love to see your creations. If you post pictures come back here and leave a link to them so I can see them!

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  6. Thanks so much for this neat craft! Our kids loved it and it really helped them understand leaving everything behind and being obedient to God’s plan for their life.

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