Snowman Cake | ‘The Snowman’ Book


The Snowman by Raymond Briggs (affiliate)We made this snowman cake for our the family Christmas party that we host at our house each year. However, the great thing about snowmen is that they are just winter fun, so you can make them anytime during the season!

get an aluminum hemisphere pan for round ball cakes (AFFILIATE)Don’t be intimidated by the cake because, thanks to store-bought cake mix and icing, this was actually one of the easiest cakes I’ve ever made! The trick to the cake was this round “hemisphere” baking pan. It rocked and was a great addition to our baking tools. (I’m going to try to make a ball of some kind with it, too! And a volcano and an owl and a spaceship and maybe a pig and and…)

We recommend pairing your snowman cake project up with the book The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. It’s a “wordless book,” but the beautiful illustrations encourage your child to create their own story! (We love the books with amazing drawings that encourage us to make up are own stories!)

Homemade Snowman Cake Recipe

Snowman Cake | ‘The Snowman’ Book
Author: Jackie & Ella
  • 1 box of favorite cake mix (plus ingredients for making)
  • 1 tub each of white, red, blue and orange (with a [url href=”″ target=”_blank”]piping bag[/url])
  • 2 Junior Mints (for the eyes)
  • Chocolate chips (for the mouth)
  1. Grease and flour a hemisphere cake pan.
  2. Bake cake according to package directions.
  3. After baking, immediately turn cake upside down on a plate and place a wet dishtowel on the outside of the pan (to help loosen the cake). Let pan and cake sit until cool.
  4. Gently remove pan from the cake and let cake cool completely before decorating.
  1. Ice the cake with a thin layer of white icing. Place the iced caked in the refrigerator until icing is hard and set.
  2. Fill a coffee mug with hot water and place a [url href=”” target=”_blank”]cake icing spatula[/url] in the water.
  3. Put a second layer of white icing on the cake, using the hot icing knife to make the icing look smooth (like fondant). When you need more icing, wipe the knife off and place in the hot water to warm before each icing. Finish the entire cake and smooth with the hot icing knife.
  4. With a piping bag, pipe a scarf, alternating red and blue colors, all the way around (I used an “M” shape for the scarf).
  5. For the ear muffs, use the decorating icing in blue and pipe a smooth line across the snowman’s head from one side to the other, stopping halfway down the cake. (Use the hot cake icing knife to smooth it down, if needed.) Pipe big red circles at the end of the blue line (for the muffs covering ears).
  6. Place the two Junior Mints on the cake for eyes.
  7. For the carrot nose, use the orange decorating icing and pipe it to the side. Start larger and get smaller at the tip to give it perspective.
  8. Turn chocolate chips to the flat side and use them for the smile.
  9. Add some rosy cheeks with decorating icing on either side of the smile.


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